BODW 2009
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Deeply enshrined in pop-culture lore as a high fashion symbol of creativity and innovation, Prada is an internationally coveted fashion brand from Italy. First established in 1913 in Milan, the company earned its reputation by creating exceptionally crafted leather goods. Beginning in the late 70s, with Muiccia Prada at the helm, the company expanded to achieve greater success in the global luxury goods market. Apart from leather shoes, bags and accessories, Prada is today known for selling a distinctly original style of cutting-edge fashion for men and women across a variety of individually defined labels.

As a brand known for its commitment to creativity and innovation, Prada is one of fashion’s most vigorous patrons of the arts. In designing the brand’s groundbreaking flagship stores in LA, New York and Tokyo, the company has worked with some of the world’s most influential architects, notably Rem Koolhaas and Herzog & de Meuron. Through the highly venerated Fondazione Prada, the company presents an endless stream of new exhibition projects that are conceived in collaboration with internationally acclaimed contemporary artists.

In early 2009, the company collaborated with Rem Koolhas to design the Prada Transformer, a groundbreaking multi-purpose art space in Seoul, Korea. The Transformer combines the four sides of a tetrahedron: hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle into one distinct pavilion. The building is covered entirely with a smooth elastic membrane that can be flipped, completely reconfiguring the visitor experience with each new exhibition programme.

Born in New York, Sebastian Suhl is Chief Operating Officer of Prada Group. He first joined the company in 2001 as General Manager of Prada France. After earning a degree in Political Science and Economics from Colorado College, Suhl completed his Masters in Business Administration at Esade in Barcelona.

Beginning his career as a consultant, Suhl first worked for Deloitte& Touche Barcelona’s auditing department, and subsequently for Solving International (strategy consultants) in Paris. Between 1997 and 1999 he established the start up and development of fashion house Thimister. In 1999, Suhl became world-wide business development director for Courreges (a historic couture house).